Admission Procedure

Admission will be granted only to children whose parents appreciate and understand the
schools approach to education.

There will be no interviews or tests for children.

Admission will be restricted to maintain a healthy student teacher ratio.

Two copies of passport size photograph of the student should be submitted along with
application and one photograph affixed on the form.


(As on 10th June)
LKG-4yrs; UKG-5yrs; Std 1-6yrs; etc
Birth certificate from the Municipal authorities must be submitted.


9.00AM to 3.40PM


Report on conduct, application and progress will be sent to parents at the end of each term.

Every child develops and assimilates at his/her own pace. Parents are advised not to create
an atmosphere of stress at home as regards academic progress. Parents are however welcome to
come to school with prior appointments and discuss the child’s progress with the concerned teachers.