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The Santa Maria Public School is an institution that follows “activity based” approach to education using several progressive methods to make learning interesting and meaningful. We give first hand experience whenever possible and take our students for field trips and encourage them to use a variety of innovative learning aids, often made from waste material to make learning refreshingly different for our students.

The School is being run on the lines of a Public School and intends to follow the CBSE syllabus. The medium of instruction is English.


There are no great schools, only great teachers who can bring to life its resources, materials and facilities.

The teachers at SANTA MARIA are not merely dictators of notes and transmitters of information but facilitators of learning who are encouraged to provide the right setting materials and environment to guide students towards self learning.

Sl. No Teacher Name Father/ Spouse Name DOB Qual. Desig. Teaching Exp
1 Prof. P.C.Mathew Babykutty Mathew 06/16/1944 MA Political Science Principal 28
2 Mary Thomas Thomas Koshy 06/06/1965 MA BEd TGTs 12
3 Neena Mathew Jiji Joseph 11/22/1981 MA BEd SET TGTs 2
4 Linu. M. Thomas Abey. T. Jose 04/08/1981 BSc BEd TGTs 2
5 Anila Varughese M.V. Varughese 02/01/1983 BSc BEd TGTs 6
6 Sindhu. V. P Satheesh Kumar 05/25/1974 B PEd PTI 2
7 Sonia Thomas Bibith Koshy Mathew 04/21/1981 MA BEd TGTs 3
8 Benjamin. P. Thomas Ginju Mathew 05/05/1977 BSc BEd PGDCA TGTs 8
9 Rose Mary Sebastian Manoj Mathew 12/02/1980 BSc BEd TGTs 5
10 Rajasree Janardhanan P. C. Soman 05/10/1978 MA BEd TGTs 10
11 Dolly E. M George Jacob 10/30/1970 BSc BEd PRTs 17
12 Biby Susan Jacob Mon Joseph 10/05/1978 MA BEd TGTs 4
13 Shajina. G Santhosh. P. R 01/03/1973 BSc BEd PRTs 10
14 Geethakumari Ramachandran 05/07/1964 LTT PRTs 12
15 Soosan Thomas Laji Koshy Eapen 05/25/1968 BSc BEd,PGDCA PRTs 8
16 Bettymol Punnoose V. C. Punnoose 08/22/1957 BSc PGDLiSc Librarian 10
17 Deepa Thomas Joseph Kuriakose 08/21/1974 BSc BEd Vice Principal 11


At Santa Maria we believes that a child who is not computer literate would be totally helpless in the new millennium. Students are given hands on training in operating computers at our well equipped computer lab which has computers of different configurations  including Pentium Multi media systems and our own internet connection.

The learning process is made more stimulating by the use of child friendly programs that teach Science,  Mathematics, Geography, English etc. in a systematic manner.


A Well-stacked library with excellent resource materials forms the cornerstone of the school.


Boys and Girls
Classes KG to II :-  Blue and white striped shirt (half sleeve) with school emblem and blue black shorts with belt.
(Blue black tie for girls)

Classes III to V :-  Blue and white striped shirt (half sleeve) with school emblem and blue black 3/4th pants with belt.
(Blue black tie for girls)

Classes VI to X :-  Blue and white striped shirt (half sleeve) with school emblem and blue black pants with belt.
(Blue black tie for boys and girls)